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Abri, our refuge of dreams and stories.

Furniture, Design

Branding, Identity

Website, Consulting


At Abri, the products tell stories from their origin since they are brought from around the world. The aim is for the users can find the soul of their homes among the variety of options offered. Art became our inspiration. With artistic currents such as Modernism, Art Deco, Surrealism, and Conceptual Art, we created collections that safeguard the characteristics of products. In this way, the brand's inventory was classified on its website following a creative concept that strengthened the brand's storytelling.

The starting point of the story behind Abri was to highlight the meaning of his name, which in French translates as "Refuge"; a refuge in which each of us can live together. A shelter we prepare according to our varied tastes: Our Home. Thus, the inspiration for the graphics that accompany the brand was based on concepts that will represent life itself. Among these, we can appreciate the synthesis of "The Flower of Life" surrounded by biological flowers (left to right): Aconitum Anthora, Centhaurea Ruthenica, and Ornotugalum developed in graphite and acrylic and finally digitized for use. 
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