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Artibiana, a tribute to the treasure that protects our country.

Fashion, Art

Branding, Identity

B Cards, Postcards


The world of Artibiana arises after the value that we find in the hands of our Colombian artisans, an easy treasure to recognize in each region of our country.

Seeing how the culture of handmade work transcends generation after generation to honor the love we have for our legacy, motivated us to consider which image would be the faithful representative of this South American feeling which we undoubtedly want to protect at all costs. We decided on the Scarlet Macaw, a species whose connotation symbolic is "love", which is on the verge of extinction and we immortalize it through the brand identifier, in order to protect its legacy for many more years.

The brand identity has flexible variables, such as the adaptability of the symbol executed by hand in graphite that is transformed into a fully digital vector when minimum proportions are required. Earth colors are its faithful companions in the visual field, including its products; however, metallic bronze stands out among its selection as being the favorite tone that represents the brand.
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