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Ayré, the natural balance of the farewell of the sun over the sea.

Fashion, Beachwear

Branding, Identity

B Cards, Postcards


Ayré comes from the sea, and promises, just like him, to be present day and night.

The objective of Ayré products is to be functional on any occasion, thus providing peace of mind when deciding what to use for a whole day. Knowing the versatility of the brand and the need to represent the merging of two key moments (day and night), we selected the universal symbol of harmony found in alchemy and restructured it in a worthy setting of the coastal zones; the farewell of the sun submerged in the sea.

Ayré's visual system seeks to transport the user to the region of origin of the brand, which is why its components contain slight curves immersed in their textures, volumes, and depths accompanied by earthy sensation, and visual rhythm that simulates the movement of the waves and the traces of the sea on the sand. The colors selected for each distinctive trademark were textured to perceive the sand when visually appreciating its communications.
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