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Rediscovering the roots of our ancestors with Carriazo.

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The narrative behind the brand arises from finding the origin of the material used to make the products; gold. The search for the graphic representation of a mineral (that nature provides us) led us to discover its cosmic origin and connection with ancestral history. The handmade details rhetorically interpret the fusion of elements of nature. We opted for a mix between the Los Andes mountain range and the Sun god, thus forming the essence of the soul: the eyes.

In ancient times, pre-Colombian indigenous cultures characterized the sun as the world's good eye. Its celestial brightness guided them toward the treasures of nature. Along with the different adaptations of the identifier, we decided to highlight the concept with illustrations that represent three living beings belonging to our Colombian ecosystem, starting with our Quindío wax palm, native to the Andean forests, the orchid, the country's national flower and the screeching hummingbird present in the urban territory of the Andes.
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