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Designing Dalmata,the ideal option to share with the family.

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Branding, Identity

Menu Design


The presence of the Dalmata restaurant dates back to 1994 in the city of Bogotá, Colombia. Since its creation, they have served steakhouse dishes full of seasoning to diners who feel like royalty thanks to the kindness that can be received in the restaurant. If we mix this sentiment with the historical origins of the Dalmatian breed, we can see why the restaurant's name was selected in this way. Formerly, the "Dalmatians" was the favorite race of the nobility. In this way, Dalmata is; "the nobility's steakhouse, and to visit it, you don't have to belong to it because everyone is welcome."

The miscellaneous and customizable logo versions reserve light visual details that the internal communications of the British kingdoms managed; Finishes in the typographical lines, personalized variations in the secondary elements, and iterative strokes, such as texture in the illustrations, are present in each of the pieces developed for the brand, which can also be seen on the menu or even on the restaurant's storefront.  
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