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Frambas, compact happiness in fruits with chocolate. 

Food, Food

Branding, Identity

Packaging Labels


Frambas required a brand facelift, their product was already a sensation, but they wanted to expand their portfolio with a brand that would have a strong foothold in the market.


So, we accompany them with the facelift of their main product, optimizing their logo and complementing their brand visual environment to generate a visual and conceptual experience. With this change, the success was so great that they decided to expand their range with Chuvs, Blues, Zarzas, and more flavors!

Synesthesia: The art of seeing the impossible
We resort to synesthesia, the unique variation in the perception of the human being that allows an additional cognitive pathway to those already known. In a few words, through the brand's visual system, we consider the flavor journey that occurs with each user's bite of the product. In this way, each shape that accompanies the packaging represents a specific moment of joy. The packaging allows you to 
see flavors through shapes and colors.
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