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Why do you need design?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

You want to undertake and go launching to the market with your business idea. You only have one opportunity, so you think in the whole process you will need to go through to build it: defining the products or services, studying the market, analyzing costs and risks, considerate the viability of the project, etc. But always it will have a constant, the step that will accompany all the previous and the one that will guide your project toward success: Design.

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Design is key to dealing with the construction of your project, and we don’t talk only about the visual aspects, design guides the development of the characteristics which stand out as the values that conceived your brand.

Designing the launch strategy, designing your brand’s voice, designing your presence in every sales channel, not without first standing out the main goal of this creative route: Designing your identity.

The image that will represent your business idea in front of your target, will lead to its future veracity since it guarantees the right unfoldment with the audience.

Your brand identity speaks for itself, the brand is in charge of expressing the desires of the project, its dreams, objectives, and goals. A brand identity made from scratch with a human-centered vision and an empathic co-creation process between founder and designer will become at the beginning of this business adventure: A solid branding with coherent bases which speak through its own visual system and build a homogeneous and easy recognizable presence in its communications.

It can be a process with basic elements such as shape, color, text, and layout hierarchy, but the objective is given the right components to evolve from a brand developed for a project to a movement that everyone wants to be a part of. A healthy brand with a divergent vision, loyal to its ideals, who daily fight to communicate for a collective goodwill.

The life of a designer is a life of fight. Fight against the ugliness. — Massimo Vignelli.

There are infinite possibilities because of the passion that you feel for your project, this motivation is the only thing that will allow you to fly higher, and now it will be easier because you already know what you need.

What you need is design.


From the Ambiguo team with love.

Find us everywhere as @ambiguodesign

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